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'The Unofficial Guide To Cracker' was created in July 1999 and is completely unofficial and is no way associated with Granada Television, Jimmy McGovern, Robbie Coltrane or anyone else who was involved in the making of the series. As a result of those people who have contacted me in the past and those who might try contacting me in the future for any contact addresses for McGovern or the cast members, I have to say although I wish I could help I'm afraid I can't! Sorry!


And the reason behind this website? Well, I just love Cracker! I first discovered it during the second series after watching 'To Be A Somebody' for the first time when it was originally screened back in 1994. Being a Liverpool FC fan, the Hillsborough connection pulled me in and I've been totally hooked on it ever since. When I managed to get on-line for the first time I attempted to look up anything remotely Cracker related and found virtually nothing. So I decided to set up my own website which I hope is a worthwhile dedication to Jimmy McGovern's classic series, which really has now become one of the greatest drama series ever made.


Cracker will always remain my all time favourite TV series - I have lost count of the amount of times I've watched the episodes, and even now I never get bored of watching them. They are everything that great television drama should be. And while there have been many crime series on TV since Cracker (in the UK especially), none have even come close to matching McGovern's brilliant characterisation, the topical and powerful writing, it's humour (the series is littered with so many great lines) or it's acting. As for Fitz, well, where do I begin? He is just a fictional creation of pure genius and without question one of the best TV characters of all time. I love the fact he is so super-intelligent yet slightly screwed up, so great at his profession yet so incapable of ever being able to sort out the mess that is his private life, so funny, so flawed and most importantly, so human! Robbie Coltrane just made him a joy to watch from start to finish of the series. 


If anyone would like to contact me for any reason then my e-mail address is below. I would love to hear from any fellow Cracker fans especially but if anybody can help me out with any other interviews/pictures with any of the cast members or Jimmy McGovern, it would be greatly appreciated!


And of course, thanks for visiting my website!



The Unofficial Guide To Cracker 1999-2006