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Main Cast


Dr.Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald - ROBBIE COLTRANE 

DS Jane "Panhandle" Penhaligon - GERALDINE SOMERVILLE (Series 1-3)

DS Jimmy Beck - LORCAN CRANITCH (Series 1-3)
DCI David Bilborough - CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON (Series 1-2)

DCI Charlie Wise  - RICKY TOMLINSON (Series 2-3, 1996 Special)
Judith Fitzgerald - BARBARA FLYNN (Series 1-3, 2006 Special)
Mark Fitzgerald - KIERAN O'BRIEN (Series 1-3, 2006 Special)

Danny Fitzgerald - CLIVE RUSSELL (Series 3)
Katy Fitzgerald - TESS THOMSON/STEFANIE WILMORE (Series 1-3, 2006 Special)

DC George Giggs - IAN MERCER (Series 1)
DC Harriman - COLIN TIERNEY (Series 2)
DC Skelton - WILBERT JOHNSON (Series 2-3)
Chief Superintendent - EDWARD PEEL (Series 1-3)
Catriona Bilborough - AMELIA BULMORE/ISOBEL MIDDLETON (Series 1-3)
DC Alan Temple - ROBERT CAVANAGH (Series 3)

DI Walters - RICHARD COYLE (2006 Special)

DS Saleh - NISHA K.NAYER (2006 Special)

DS McAllister - RAFE SPALL (2006 Special)

James Fitzgerald - JOHN EVANS (2006 Special)

Lilly Fitzgerald - Lilli Ella Kelleher (2006 Special)


The Suspects & Criminals


Hennessy - NICHOLAS WOODESON (The Mad Woman In The Attic)
Kelly - ADRIAN DUNBAR (The Mad Woman In The Attic)

Sean Kerrigan - ANDREW TIERNAN (To Say I Love You)
Tina Brien - SUSAN LYNCH (To Say I Love You)
Nigel Cassidy - CHRISTOPHER FULFORD (One Day A Lemming Will Fly)
Albie Kinsella - ROBERT CARLYLE (To Be A Somebody)
Kenneth Trant - JIM CARTER (The Big Crunch)
Norma Trant - CHERITH MELLOR (The Big Crunch)
Michael Trant - JAMES FLEET (The Big Crunch)
Virginia Trant - MAUREEN O'BRIEN (The Big Crunch)
Floyd Malcolm - GRAHAM AGGREY (Men Should Weep)
David Harvey - MARK LAMBERT (Brotherly Love)
Maggie Harvey - BRID BRENNAN (Brotherly Love)
Bill Nash - JOHN SIMM (Best Boys)
Stuart Grady - LIAM CUNNINGHAM (Best Boys)
Janice - EMILY JOYCE (True Romance)
Dennis Philby - BARNABY KAY (1996 Special - White Ghost)

Kenny Archer - ANTHONY FLANAGAN (2006 Special - Nine Eleven)


The Unofficial Guide To Cracker 1999-2006