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Cracker is now available to buy in Region 1 and Region 2 format.

Sadly neither format features any deleted scenes, commentaries or extras.

The series is also still widely available in VHS format.


Visit the following reviews of the DVD release:


DVD Verdict - Series One

DVD Verdict - Series Two

DVD Verdict - Series Three


Cracker is available to purchase on DVD at Amazon



The Cracker Novelisations


The Mad Woman In The Attic - By Jim Mortimore

To Say I Love You - By Molly Brown

One Day A Lemming Will Fly - By Liz Holliday

To Be A Somebody - By Gareth Roberts

The Big Crunch - By Liz Holliday

Men Should Weep - By Jim Mortimore

Brotherly Love - By Jim Mortimore

Best Boys - by Gareth Roberts

True Romance - by Liz Holliday

Lucky White Ghost - by Tom McGregor


Other Cracker books available:


Cracker - The Truth Behind The Fiction 

Written by John Crace


The Cracker books, which were novelisations based on the original scripts, are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. They were originally published by Virgin, and each story tended to be published the year after its screening on British Television which was quite a while ago now. Again, like the videos they are probably still available through reliable internet sources, but I do now think that they are out of print through Virgin. If you are a Cracker fan, then the novelisations are a definite MUST. 


The Unofficial Guide To Cracker 1999-2006