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DCI DAVID BILBOROUGH (Played by Christopher Eccleston)



When we first Bilborough, he still seemed to be proving himself as a DCI. When Fitz starts working for the police, the first case is stated as being Bilborough's second homicide apart from a "domestic". His methods and tactics were often questioned by his superiors, and his attitude to suspects was sometimes excessively tough. Often his emotions and family concern got in the way of his police work (he was married to Catriona with a baby son, Ryan). But he seemed to be respected and liked by those worked for him, not least Beck and Penhaligon, although he didn't always get on with Fitz. After the mess they made of the Cassidy case in 'One Day A Lemming Will Fly', Fitz and Bilborough memorably fell out. And Bilborough reluctantly had to force himself to ask for Fitz's help again in 'To Be A Somebody'. His murder by Albie had an effect on everyone, and the repercussions from it would lead to a much longer running storyline. His death marked the appearance of another, different DCI.


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